PetVi All Natural Probiotic

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PetVi immune boosting dog digestive supplement contains probiotics (missing in conventional and raw dog food due to the cooking and pasteurization process) and prebiotics providing beneficial bacteria to promote microbial balance in the intestinal tract which will benefit your pet in several ways: Improved intestinal health has been shown to promote digestibility,decrease diarrhea, increase resistance to pathogens such as Salmonella and Clostridia, increase nutrient absorption, support systemic health and maximize the performance of the immune system. Probiotics in PetVi have been shown to modulate the immune response system resulting in less excessive shedding. PetVi also contains Omega 3 fatty acid which has been shown to maximize the integrity of pets skin and coat to help prevent dry, flaky skin, encourage a shiny healthy coat and promote vascular integrity and health. Feeding PetVi to pregnant or lactating females assist in inoculating the digestive tract of puppies boosting their immunity and reducing the incidents and severity of allergic reactions such as itching, scratching and skin irritations. Ingredients in PetVi may be especially beneficial for pets with digestive disorders, all pets following antibiotic therapy, healthy weaning of pups, decreased immune function, skin and coat ailments, itching and scratching, excessive shedding, digestive health issues, and pets on raw or conventional pet food diets. Just one scoop of PetVi mixed with your pets food will help insure that you are giving your pet the proper nutrition that is essential to their overall health. Buy confident with our 100% money back guarantee!